Dr. Vikramaditya :THE MOTIVATIONAL LIFE COACH - Gives light on how Vastu effects our daily life and How Earth Vastu Works 1) Does genetics play a role in personality? 2) Does genetics play a role in behavior? 3) How does heredity affect your personality? 4) What behaviors are genetic?To know more about advanceed industrial vastu and make your life more stress free and successful. like the page or Contact us now

Vastu Acharya Vikramaditya - Earth Vastu यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शनिवार, २ मार्च, २०१९


Born in a traditional family of technocrats, Farming & Petrol pump business, Vastu expert Dr. Vikramaditya has a rich experience of 19 years in the Indian market. A master of programming different spaces with different Vastu Energy dynamics to attract success in life.

Vastu expert Consultant Dr. Vikramaditya is the Founder of Advanced Industrial Vastu™ course in the world. He is the pioneer of this course meant for Vastu Expert ; Consultants ; Architects , Civil Engineers & Builders . Learn the secrets of Advanced Industrial Vastu™ .

Dr. Goyal – a master of yogic practice – helped him in attaining the yogic power & meditative spirit. He applies ancient science with modern science meticulously to derive the desired results for several business houses, Politicians, Celebrities, Bureaucrats with his farsightedness, possesses thousands of successful case studies.


Mastery over programming of more than hundreds of showrooms Pan India – Retail ,Consumer durables and Jewelry along with several mines/factories & offices