Attain Complete Peace of Mind, Overcome Sufferings and Live Holistic Life

Ancient Meditation and Intuitive Vastu Course is designed after Yogic, Meditation and Vastu research of almost 2 decades by Acharya Vikramaditya. Acharya’s intention behind commencing this course is to help every individual to come out of sufferings due to social, personal or professional circumstances. The ancient art and science of meditation will not only help you to live a happy life but also to live a Holistic life.


The 10 Day Ancient Meditation & Intuitive Vastu Course includes Complete Balancing of Vastu Energy Dynamics.

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Why Ancient Meditation & Intuitive Vastu?

We at Earth Vastu provide Ancient Meditation & Vastu Energy Dynamics Balancing that will guide you through a life with good health, relationship, peace, and awareness at the subconscious level, and lastly determining the sole purpose of your life.


Additionally, Acharya Ji will guide you and will provide remedies to balance Vastu Energy Dynamics of your home, so that you will reap benefits of this course throughout life. Mostly, people start losing effects of Meditation programs when they are back to the life because the Vastu Energy at their place of meditation is not balanced. Here, this program will give you chance to leverage Acharya Vikramaditya’s knowledge of not only Meditation but also Vastu expertise.

Overcome sufferings, live holistic life

Solution to Depression, aggressive behavior, addiction, and other behavioral issues. EXCLUSIVE Program for teenagers and children.

Bring map of your home with you to get remedies for holistic and lifetime solution.

Balancing of Vastu energy dynamics is critical for deep and beneficial meditation.

Kundali Awakening is major focus of the 10 Days program.

All the courses we offer are conducted by Acharya Vikramaditya, having two decades of experience and track record of providing vastu remedies that have led to magical outcomes favouring their followers. The world is full of unrest environment and noise, Acharyaji’s guidance will help you make peace with your inside anxiety, and you will experience solace.


Our meditation center is in a serene countryside and peaceful place, which is a one-hour drive away from Jersey Shores. We will be conducting amazing sessions to activate body energy & live a meaningful & holistic life without being judgmental.


Join our Ancient Vedic Meditation course to learn how to make peace in this world full of unrest with the essence of Meditation. Also, learn the tricks and tips of Vaastu to maintain positive energy dynamics at your workplace and home.

Join the 10 Days Ancient Meditation & Intuitive Vastu Course

Learn how to make peace in this world full of unrest with the essence of Meditation. Also, learn the tricks and tips of Vaastu to maintain positive energy dynamics at your workplace and home.

Courses we Offer



7Nights/ 8 Days - Kids & Teen Retreat Program

Get away. Turn off your phone. Step back into yourself

4days / 3 Nights Meditation Package

Sacred journey into a world full of natural ancient wisdom

Venue of all above Courses


Serene Resort, One Hour Drive from Jersey Shore


With Nature, in a Resort, Ontario, Canada


Treatments with Kundalini , Ancient Meditation & Intuitive Vastu

Balancing & Restorative Spa Therapies Included

A Transformative Life Experience

Immerse yourself in a powerful, natural restorative process and breathe new life into your total wellbeing; body, mind and Spirit. If you’ve been facing health challenges, emotional upsets, career burnout, are mentally fatigued or frustrated, We at earth vastu centre serves to delivers a compilation of the complete holistic lifestyle philosophy. Your experience will include daily Guided meditation,  restorative spa therapies, inspirational evening speakers, delicious healthy menu designed specifically around the Vegetarian diet.

For the first 7 Days of the course , participants has to maintain complete silence

How to know if this package is for you? Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • general feeling of frustration, not sure where to begin
  • exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, depleted core energy
  • lack passion, lost zest and adventure for life
  • feeling disconnected from people, uncertain about future
  • emotional, deep sense of sadness or grief, sleep problems
  • general poor health, chronic aches and pains, weight gain
  • inability to effectively deal with people and/or transform stress

What are the results?

Balanced, healed and transformed. A journey on this program secures confidence to make healthy choices, to take a new direction in life, and succeed. Feel lighter, rested and empowered. Gain practical tools and experiences that lay the groundwork for a solid path to follow. With a positive outlook in hand, you will arrive home with a great sense of wellbeing, freedom, energy, excitement and positive outlook on  life

Keep the state and effects of meditation intact even after the course

Mostly people start losing effects of meditation power when they are back to their normal life mainly because the vastu energy of their of home place is not balanced.

So, get house or place of meditation balanced to maintain the same state of Meditation attained.

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Kids & Teen Retreat 7Nights/ 8 Days

Get away. Turn off your phone. Step back into yourself.

Our multi-day residential retreats teach you awareness and concentration practices that lead to beneficial outcomes validated by science. Through guided mindfulness meditation, small group discussions, and movement, you will learn how to calm your mind, direct and sustain attention, explore emotions and thoughts, cultivate compassion, and communicate more authentically with your peers and others.

The retreat daily schedule includes ample free time to connect with other participants and take part in dynamic workshops such as creative arts and dance/movement, sports, nature awareness, creative writing, and more! Many teens who are tentative at first leave saying they had one of the best experiences of their lives.


Come unplug and tune in! Participants on our retreats learn self-awareness, mindful communication, and techniques to calm and focus the mind – the foundations for success in all areas of life. We spend time each day learning mindfulness meditation — a scientifically proven practice that builds emotional resilience, inner strength and well being.

Teens also participate in small group discussions, Meditation and creative workshops – including arts, nature, and mindful sports activities. And there’s lots of free time to connect with new friends in a safe and accepting space. Many hesitant teens walk away saying it was one of the best experiences of their lives.

This retreat welcomes teens from all racial/ethnic groups, sex and gender identities, abilities, and religions. Mindfulness creates a foundation for conversations that support understanding and deepen our connection to one another.

Must attend the program as this program will help Teen & children come out of behavioral problem , Drug Addiction , depression etc,,,

12 – 19

4days / 3 Nights Meditation Package – Sacred Journey

Sacred journey into a world full of natural ancient wisdom. The wisdom of your Mind,  body and soul.  Arrive with an open mind, and leave with an open heart.  Explore ancient and modern traditions to connect with parts of yourself which may be neglected or unexplored.

Everything will be taken care of for you,  so you can immerse in meditation and relearn you experience.  The itinerary has plenty of time for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful natural environment you’ll find yourself in.  It’s simplicity and returning to basics to embody the wisdom you already have within. All you have to do is show up, and play full out!

With daily Kundalini  meditation, healthy meals, and workshops that will heighten your innate wisdom and creativity, you will leave this experience with newfound awakening. Find balance in your life; taking techniques and memories home that will strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

The sacred healing traditions you will be introduced to are a gift not be missed. You will be taken through a journey of native ancestral teachings, plant medicine wisdom, basic balancing of your home energies, and create your own scared space at home for the path of Scared Journey.  All this with the, pure nature, wholesome Vegetarian food,  and meditation.

If you feel your soul longing for this connection then join us!

  • 4-Day/3-Night Cabin Stay
  • 3 Local and Organic meals & snacks per day
  • Daily  Meditation
  • Medicine Plant Teachings
  • Balancing of your home energies
  • Balancing 5 Element Workshop
  • Awakening your Intuition Workshop
  • Chakra Balancing Workshop
  • Forest Ritual Bathing
  • Dowsing Workshop
  • Relax
  • Evening  Meditation in Nature with awaking of Kundalini
  • Evening Bonfire
  • Mediation with awakening of intuitions

 So what does all that mean?


You will be guided through many different processes in you sacred Journey.  Everything is optional and you are welcome to observe rather than participate and treat this  as a gift to yourself, participating in what serves you the most.  Feel free to nap, skip sessions or join in to everything that is offered.  Here’s a taste of what you will learn and experience:


More About Ancient Meditation and Intuitive Vastu


While other types of Meditation require you to maintain a strong focus on something or contemplate something, Ancient Meditation allows you to drift effortlessly between thought, mantra, and thoughtlessness. Research shows that this type of technique helps in meditation practices as it produces different kinds of brain activity.

One of the things that many people love in meditation is that you don’t have to work hard on your concentration power. In learning Ancient Meditation from our exquisite courses, you will understand how thoughts can be an essential part of practicing Meditation. So, if you want to meditate with your anxious mind, then it will still help.


Benefits of Joining Meditation Course


Reduce Anxiety and Stress


Indulging yourself in Meditation will help you cut back your stress and replace it with natural, endogenous happiness and joy.

Stay Clear and Focused


You can even develop full brain functioning, which will keep you focused and disciplined towards your work. After taking up the course, you will notice a difference in how you feel, think and make decisions in your life.

Sleep Better


When you are free from all the stress that pulling you behind, your mind can fly and relax at the same time. With our course, you will be able to take control of your deep emotions and keep calm at difficult times. Practicing Vedic medication will provide you with better sleep that gives you a lot of energy and positive vibes throughout the day.

Stay Young and Healthier


Stress and anxiety weaken your immune system, which makes you unhealthy, and also speeds up your aging cycle. Join our course will help you free your mind, soul, and body from all the stress and keep you healthier and younger.


Get Along with People Better Than Before


As we all know, if we are happy, we can keep others happy too. When you remain happier and healthier, your aura becomes positive and attract nicer people around you. Even your older relationships with people get a whole lot better.