2 Day Vastu Fundamental Course for beginner

Join the Unique Course – Fundamental of Vastu Shastra – A contemporary approach to decode the ancient science.

Courses Topics

Learn the ancient science in a scientific manner for decoding the Vastu Secrets of a building and applying remedies.

In 2 Day Vastu fundamental course you will be able to perceive the basics of Vastu Shastra – the proper detection of 8 Earth Vastu zones & 8 Earth Vastu junctions and identification of difficulty, the cause of worry then applying Earth Vastu methods for creating harmony in a given building.

The entire sessions will be full of case study, practical on those case studies.

In these 2 Day you will masters the below aspects:

  1.  What is Earth Vastu?
  2.  How to examine a given building plan?
  3.  Learn to identify various entrances in a given building/Campus and methods to block negative entries.
  4.  How to identify child room, master bedroom, washing location, toilets, drawing room, pooja room and child study room
  5.  How to avoid depression, addiction, health issue, aggression in child behaviour.
  6.  Learn to apply different Earth Vastu remedies 2D & 3D to get exact result.
  7.  Learn the theory of 5 elements.
  8.  Learn 8 Earth Vastu Zones and 8 Earth Vastu junctions and their characteristics features.
  9.  DO’s & DON’T’s of interior designing.
  10.  How Earth Vastu energy of a building is responsible for the right Karma.

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After Course Support

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