4 Day Advanced Comprehensive Vastu Course<sup>TM </sup>– A Complete Vastu Course with Astro &NumeroWorking

Join the World’s Top Advanced Comprehensive Vastu course – A comprehensive approach to decode the mysteries & secrets of earth elements. (Three Course in One Package)

Become Professional Vastu Consultant.

Learn Advanced Comprehensive Vastu Course,Vastu Remedies & many Hidden Secrets of Earth Energy.

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Date & Time

Date: 26 – 29 December 2019


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Dr. Vikramaditya – an eminent Vastu Consultant
& Motivational Life Coach

Courses Topics

4 Day Advanced Comprehensive Vastu Course TM– A Complete Vastu Course with Astro &Numero working
A Complete Residential Program, Breakfast, 2 High Tea, Lunch & Dinner

“Karma” is the most important factor to succeed in Life

A proper Vastu treatment of a Building Creates Biochemical reaction in the brain of Residents which results into delivery of good “Karma” & hence getting overall Success in Life .

In Epigenetics ( a new branch of modern science) – Dr. Bruce Lipton , a cell biologist have proved that it is the external factor which alters structure uptothe level of GENES……


  • Practical Vastu Sessions to get the clear picture of conducting Vastu treatment
  • Clarity on several vital aspects of vastu which a vastu expert misses- as these factors contribute a lot in getting results
  • Live Demonstration of Remedy application- Metal Strips application , virtual entry creation & other remedies application in a proper manner
  • Dos & Don’t of Vastu treatment
  • How to work on different building plan –Apartment , Flat , Bungalow, Office & on site Practical working will be done .
  • Logo Designing , Branding, symbol selection of a company / product to Program the Sub-Conscious of Customers & attract Profit for the Company
  • What an Astrologer should look while Conducting a Vastu Treatment ?
  • DOs & Don’t while giving Vastu Treatment to a Cancer Patient
  • How to select Bedroom of your Client for “Money” & “Health” ?
  • Which Vastu Remedy to apply ?
  • Which Vastu Remedy to avoid ?
  • Learn to Analyse Horoscope (Astro) & then conduct vastu Treatment
  • Learn effective application of Numerology for your client
  • Learn to Prescribe Beneficial Gemstone Ring for Health & Money
  • Learn to Select the best Entry for your Clients as all positive entries are not positive for everyone .
  • Learn to select the best Location of a Kitchen for your Client as South East is not a good location of kitchen for everyone
  • Learn to Design Visiting Card
  • Practical Training Program in detail
  • Working on Classical Case Studies
  • Personal Touch & Care by Dr.Vikramaditya – an eminent Vastu Consultant & Motivational Life Coach
  • Pre-Course material will be provided as its very vital aspect of Learning



  • One to one meeting with Vikramaditya for detail treatment of your Home as per the Horoscope for attaining more Growth in Life
  • Life-Time support & Backup to all Participants
  • Non Residential Program – at a Luxury Resort , New Delhi .
  • Earth VastuTM& Advanced Industrial VastuTM will Provide a Platform to all Participants & they will be authorised to do Vastu Practise with full back-up from Earth VastuTM

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After Course Support

Advanced Industrial Vastu™ will provide Lifetime membership & back-up In the field of Vastu.