Learn Vastu from Basics to Advanced techniques from Pioneer of Industrial VastuTM

Earth Vastu is the First and foremost stepping stone to become a professional Vastu consultant. The courses we offer can be done by beginners or Students or Housewives who have some amount of free time in their hands and some basic level of intelligence.

Our Acharya Ji Dr. Vikramaditya was born in a traditional family of technocrats and business owners in farming and petrol pump field. But he took a different road, to benefit people by using Vastu.

He uses his knowledge of ancient architectural science of Vastu with the combination of modern construction techniques. To bring prosperity and success to the life of one who endeavours. Acharya Ji possesses a rich experience of 19years in the Indian market. He is also the founder of Advanced Industrial Vastu Courses around the world. Vastu deals with the relation of construction with nature because possess different energies at different places and direction. Acharya Ji by his knowledge and intuitive ability of mapping energy of any place. He suggests the right design for construction as per Vastu.

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Key Highlights of Courses we offer

Vastu architecture uses all earth energy lies in that place to bring a positive output. As per Acharya Ji, everything has its own energy. Energies of industrial tools when synchronized with the right earth energy, it brings a more positive result in the long term.

Acharya Vikramaditya aims to bring prosperity for all by using correct methods of architecture to accumulate all positive energies at your place. To teach these methods Acharya Ji organize courses worldwide.


By providing Vastu courses we are aimed to aware people about the ancient science of Vastu.

Vastu of your home, your office or industry you are living, working or owning is related to peace and success. Vastu will give you information about the right ways to set your home and workplace. It will bring joy and success in your life.


Our courses focus on all aspects with Practicals. 

We provide courses including Practical site visit; Acharya Vikramaditya is the prime mover of providing Practical nitty-gitty of vastu. All courses are for anybody who wants to become a Vastu consultant as well as for people who wants to learn all aspects of Vastu for their own good. They can use this knowledge at their office or home for bringing prosperity in life. It will also teach them to understand the Vastu of any place & understanding of energy zones. 


4 Day Vastu Course

Advanced Comprehensive Vastu CourseTM

5 Day Vastu Course

Advanced Industrial Vastu CourseTM

5 Day course is the Advanced Industrial VastuTM course. Acharya Vikramaditya is the pioneer of Industrial Vastu. This course is focused on the Vastu of every Industry.

5 Days Advanced Industrial Vastu course covers


1. How to decode zones for locating the main production unit/boiler in a factory?

Knowing methods to decode these zones as per energy will help you make the right decision while suggesting.

2. How to use industrial Vastu tools? along with practical training as well as all tools will be provided to you.

practical training will make you accurate.

3. How to correct an earth energy domain for quality production by applying the advanced industrial remedy?

It is very important before setting any industry, to correct the energy domain of that piece of land.

4. Usage of advance industrial remedies for industrial Vastu, as well as learn to design miraculous remedies.

advance industrial remedies will give you a bigger scope for solving industrial Vastu problem, designing remedy teaching is very rare.

5. How to use, power of 45 devtas & Vastu Purusha mandala for different industries.

Power of God is supreme and learning to use their powers will be very useful to solve industrial problems.

6. Learn which earth domain will be suitable for any kind of industry.

For example, which domains will be suitable for the food industry and engine workshop.

7.Locate areas to place raw material, finished goods

Knowledge for deciding storerooms or godowns. For enhancing production and boost selling, along with methods to correct earth energy domain of these spaces

8. Learn to design quality control section as well as correcting the earth energy domain of that region.

Because the energy domain affects these things, so it is important to know about it.

9.Remedies and combination of earth energy domains correcting for Big orders, faster deliveries of product.

If energy will be positive everything will go well.

10.Learn to check production line earth energy domain to minimize defective production and maximize quality production

11.35 major industries of India and learn about their energy domain.

12. Learn intuitive Diagnosis of a building and physical energy mapping of your

It will tell you useful information about your client, and building you are going.

13.The deep meditative session which helps in sensing earth energy domain, as sense is the first step of correcting. This course is residential and between 1-5 days.

The 4-Day course is an advanced comprehensive Vastu course. This course will focus on Vastu treatment, learning to examine and finding the remedy of your client’s Vastu problem. You can be a successful Vastu consultant after doing this course.


4 Day advanced comprehensive Vastu course covers


1.Practical Vastu sessions to get a clear picture of conducting Vastu treatment.

Practical working will help you learn more about Vastu treatment.

2. Clarity on several vital expect of Vastu which an expert miss

These topics are vital and so it must not be missed, for the result.

3. Live demonstration of remedy application-metal strip application, virtual entry creation & other remedies application in a proper manner.

These methods are important to know about being a good consultant.

4. Dos and don’ts of a Vastu treatment

What steps should be taken and what not to be as important to know.

5. Logo designing, symbol designing for a company and science behind the subconscious mind of customer for profit.

It is very important and helpful for business owners & consultants to know Vastu effect on all of these.

6. What an astrologer should look while conducting a Vastu treatment?

This is an important question need to be answered for problem-solving.

7. Do and Don’t while giving Vastu treatment to a cancer patient.

Vastu can be used for treatments of fatal diseases but some precautions should be taken by experts.

8.How to select a bedroom for your client

This is a very common Vastu problem a client asks from a consultor for health & wealth.

9.Which Vastu remedy to apply & which to avoid

Vastu is vast, so specific remedies are given for different problems.

10.learn to analyze the horoscope and then Vastu treatment.

Vastu treatments are done based on horoscopes. So, it’s must to know.

11.learn to give right gem

It’s very important to choose the right gem for your client as per their problem, and for money and health.

12.learn to suggest a best entry and kitchen

As per Vastu know about the right direction for entry and location for kitchen.

13.learn to design visiting cards

 Designing visiting card as per Vastu science to attract more customers.

14 practical training programs working on classical case studies.

It’s very important as you can learn more and be more accurate by practical training and learning case studies.

15.support of Acharya Ji

It’s very beneficial to learn from a very experienced Vastu expert.