We believe that early childhood years are significant time when
children’s education and overall development can be greatly


We emphasis on holistic approach that enables every child as “THE WHOLE CHILD”.

To develop a future generation in child centered,
nurturing and safe environment with high-quality care and
exceptional education.
Mission– Our aim is to provide exceptional care with creative
orientation across the whole curriculum. We innovate curiosity
driven environment where


De- Infancia family supports children holistically.
Young children are similar in many ways but every child has a
unique personality trait that remains consistent throughout the
We believe that early childhood years are significant time when
children’s education and overall development can be greatly

We take keen interest in each child’s background and area of
interest in order to encourage and motivate the children
continuously to make their own choices.


-Children are taught to acquire knowledge.
-We help them to grow to their full potential with ethical and
intellectual growth.
-We make them confident to ask questions and learn through

A. Loving, nurturing and safe environment.
-Safe and Security is our major concern; which ensures healthy
learning in the institution.
B. Comprehensive Curriculum.
Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on varied domains of
learning. A well defined Curriculum planned for faculties that
help the children to achieve their Goals and objectives.
It includes Social-emotional, Physical, Cognitive and
communication based approach.

Our comprehensive curriculum focus on:-
a. Goal and Achievement.
b. Research on varied learning Pattern.
c. Well planned curriculum and lesson plan for teachers and students.
d. Experience from our own teaching.
e. Teaching materials and tools based on child behavioral
and cultural background.
C. An Education based on ongoing research and development by IIT-ians….
D. Amiable documentation and Projects.
-Documentation and projects make parents aware of their children’s experiences.
Documentation and Project targeting the children to become
self directed learner with a range of learning styles.
Project based learning (PBL) evolves children to acquire
responsibility and improves social skills.
It enhances their own–fact finding analysis and encourages the
transfer of knowledge to new situation.
Excellent Infrastructure

Well trained Staff

◊ Curriculum
We have very innovative curriculum with ongoing R&D
(Research and Development) which helps in upgrading the
curriculum- Every month & Every Year.
The curriculum draws from the work of western and Eastern
scholars and most vital is our own work with the children.
It is purposely design as per the learning experience and
psychology of each child put together. Our curriculum aligns
Preschool Program, goals & Practices with families’ expectation
of educational excellence, helping young learners grow into
confident child.

Speaking &Language

Social & Emotional Life

Thinking & Creativity

Physical Development
Mathematical Skills
Math skills are just one part of a larger web of skills that
children are developing in the early years—including language
skills, physical skills, and social skills. Each of these skill areas is
dependent on and influences the others.