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Proper vastu techniques to boost the accomplishments.

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Vastu perfect wedding

An Institution which gives a start to new life, achievements in the form of love, support, and identity is marriage.

Vastu Oriented Schools

school is the institution of knowledge and treasure building the potent future. Follow some  Earth Vastu norms for school


Vastu Consultant Dr. Vikramaditya is the pioneer of Industrial Vastu™ course & techniques while imparting consultancy to clients.

Earth Vastu Remedy

 By placing an appropriate symbol/remedy in With appropriate Earth Vastu Zone, we can programme our space to fulfil our desires.

Vastu Perfect Wedding And wellness venues

Earth Vastu  perfect venue for hosting Weddings and Parties. It caters to a large number of guests and is equipped with the wellness facilities



A master of programming different

spaces with different Vastu Energy

dynamics to attract

success in life

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Earth Vastu  offers a way to get answers to their queries on Vastu Shastra, factory Vastu, Vastu for building. new  home, kitchen, office.