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5 Day Advanced Industrial Vastu Course™

“A Complete Residential Program with Stay & Fooding included in the Course Fee”

JOIN the MEGA COURSE “ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL VASTU™” – A revolutionary technique in the field of Vastu – for Vastu Experts / Consultants, Architect, Civil Engineers , Builders, Businessman & Interior Designer
Become an Advanced Industrial Vastu™ Consultant
Learn Industrial Vastu Miraculous Remedies & many Hidden Secrets of Industrial Vastu.

Course Fee : ₹ 3,16,000
Early Bird Offer: ₹ 2,50,000
Note: Early Bird Offer Valid for Registration Till 17th March 2020

Date & Time

Last week April 2020
10 AM to 6 PM


  New Delhi


Gurudev H.H. Dr. Vikramaditya

Courses Topics

Intuitive working in different major industries for eg. Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Legal Consultancy, Spa & Massage Centers, Jewelry&Jems Industry, Hotels (5 Start, 4 Star, 3 Star and below), Film Industry, Real Estate , Education and Traning, Pub & Bar, Vastu for Politicians. Vastu of different Industry is different. Learn to decode secrets of 30 + major Industries.

In These 5 Day You Will Master The Below Aspects:

Complete Life Transformational Course™

How to decode zones for locating the main Production unit /Boiler in a factory? Methods to use Advanced Industrial Remedies for enhancing the Energy of these Zones

Learn to find a problem in a building on an Intuitive level where Basic Vastu fails to address or even understand the issue.

"We are the Pioneer of Conducting Practicals in Vastu Courses™"

How to use Industrial Vastu Tools along with practical Training?

All Industrial Vastu Tools will be provided to you.

How to correct the Earth Energy Domain for quality production by applying Advanced Industrial Remedies?

Usage of Advanced Industrial Remedies for Industrial Vastu treatment

Geopathic Stress: Learn to detect "Geopathic Stress Lines" & methods to apply suitable remedies to nullify the geopathic stress in a building or a plot .

Ancient Meditation:

A Transformative Life Experience

Immerse yourself in a powerful, natural restorative process and breathe new life into your total wellbeing; body, mind and Spirit. If you’ve been facing health challenges, emotional upsets, career burnout, are mentally fatigued or frustrated, We at earth vastu centre serve to delivers a compilation of the complete holistic lifestyle philosophy. Your experience will include daily Guided meditation, inspirational evening speakers, delicious healthy menu designed specifically around the Vegetarian diet.

For the first day of the course , participants has to maintain complete silence

How to know if this package is for you? Are you experiencing any of the following?

General feeling of frustration, not sure where to begin

Exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, depleted core energy

Lack passion, lost zest and adventure for life

Feeling disconnected from people, uncertain about future

Emotional, deep sense of sadness or grief, sleep problems

Logo Designing , Branding, symbol selection of a company / product to Program the Sub-Conscious of Customers & attract Profit for the Company

General poor health, chronic aches and pains, weight gain

Inability to effectively deal with people and/or transform stress

What are the results?

Balanced, healed and transformed. A journey on this program secures confidence to make healthy choices, to take a new direction in life, and succeed. Feel lighter, rested and empowered. Gain practical tools and experiences that lay the groundwork for a solid path to follow. With a positive outlook in hand, you will arrive home with a great sense of wellbeing, freedom, energy, excitement and positive outlook on life

How to use the Power of 45 Devtas&VastuPurush Mandal for different Industries?

Working on Case Studies of Industrial Vastu.

Learn different combination of Earth Energy Domains responsible for different Industries for example for textile Industry we need to select a particular combination of Earth Energy Domain; for Food industry its different combination & so on for different Industry ; measure their existing strength by using the tools & Enhance the Energy Domain by applying magical Industrial Vastu remedies.

How to Locate areas for placing raw material; balance & enhance the Earth Energy Domain present thereby using Advanced Industrial remedies in order to enhance the production?

Learn to Locate areas for placing finished goods; balance & enhance the Earth Energy Domain present thereby using Advanced Industrial remedies in order to get big orders.

Learn to design the Quality Control Section by selecting the perfect Earth Energy Domain; check the Earth Energy Domain shape & strength – change the orientation as per that particular Industry’s requirement.

Learn amazing methods of treatment of any commercial unit

How to detect the combination of Earth Energy Domain responsible for Big orders; Faster Recovery of Payments. Apply Industrial Vastu remedies for the desired results?

Learn to decodethe Production Line’s Earth Energy orientation to minimize defective production & maximize quality production.

30+ major industries of India – Learn the different combination of Earth Energy Domains responsible. How to enhance their energy for better results?

Gemstone dust application – How to use in a building for the benefit of the Industry?

Astrology will also be addressed for prescribing beneficial gemstone to the Client.

Learn Intuitive Diagnosis of a building & physical body energy mapping of your Client.

The deep meditative sessions which help in sensing Earth Energy Domains.

Learn the Art of Vastu Consultancy , how to deliver vastu treatment honestly to your client-How to talk ? What to talk ? When to talk ? How to Magnetise people ?

The Industrial Vastu Course is a complete 5 days residential program in a Luxury Resort, New Delhi.

The Course is in two parts:

Part 1 – 5 Day Course with many practical & Intuitive sessions, Meditative sessions, how

to develop the sensing power etc

Part 2: On-site practical sessions in different Industries after 4 months of Practice

Course Duration : 10 am – 6 pm

You all have to Report at 9:00 am on the 1st day of the course at the hotel front desk .

At 10 am you all need to report at the Bliss hall where the course will be conducted

Check in will be at 12:00 pm on the first day Front desk of the hotel will collect your bagages Check out from hotel room will be at 12:00 noon on the 5th Day .

Fee & Stay

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After Course Support

Advanced Industrial Vastu™ will provide Lifetime membership & back-up In the field of Vastu.

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